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School Fundraisers - Church Fundraisers and other Easy Fundraising Programs

School Fundraisers, Church Fundraisers and other Easy Fundraising Programs...We know that fundraising programs are an important part of your groups financing and survival. Our mission is to deliver fast, easy and extremely profitable fundraising programs so your group can focus on what matters most. Our hand picked fundraisers are chosen for their ease, value to the end consumer and profit to your group. All our fundraisers are proven "WINNERS" .

Spinners Fundraisers

Spinners Fundraiser

The Spinners fundraiser is the perfect fundraiser for the group that plans to fundraiser mukltiple times a year since you can buy only the coupon refills...

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Scratch Card Fundraisers

Scratch Card

The Scratch & Help Program is the fastest and most profitable Fundraiser for your team or group, profiting you up to a whopping 90% profit!

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Discount Card Fundraisers

Discount Card

The Fundraiser Card has taken the U.S. by storm. It is a multiple use discount card that allows your donors to save hundreds of dollars for only $15.00.

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Cookie Dough Fundraisers

Cookie Dough

The Cookie Dough Program is guaranteed to satisfy the most discriminating critic and win over the hearts of all cookie dough enthusiasts,

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Pretzel Fundraisers


The Pretzel Program is a great way to raise dough!. Auntie Anne's has been making pretzels since 1989 and recently introduced a Pretzel fundraising product line.

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Candy Bar Fundraisers

Candy Bars

Candy Bar Program. These delicious 1.8 - ounce candy bars are an easy seller and make the perfect fundraiser!

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