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Candy Bar Fundraiser Candy Bar Fundraisers: America's Variety One Dollar Candy Bars Variety Pack. These delicious 1.8 - ounce candy bars are an easy seller and make the perfect fundraiser!

One master case contains 4 carrier boxes containing 52 bars per carrier each carrier box contains the amounts of each style of bar as shown below

Candy Bar Fundraiser Flavors

The Original One Dollar Bar sells for $1.00 retail with our Chocolate Bar Fundraiser Program! See below for your groups' profit potential. The America's Variety pack carries 52 chocolate bars with 5 great flavors that every chocolate lover craves.

Candy Bar Fundraiser Profits
Minimum order is 1 Master Case (208 bars). Which contains 4 individual carrier boxes. This product comes in assorted flavors only.

* Bonus Profit: You will receive 1 FREE Scratch & Help booklet worth $100 for every $500 in profit you earn. Use your Scratch & Help booklet with your Candy Bar Fundraiser to earn up to 60% Profit!