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Scratch Card FundraiserThe The Scratch & Help Scratch Card Fundraiser Program has been around for 18 years, profiting groups like yours an incredible 90% profit!

Every Scratch & Help Scratch Card Fundraiser booklet for your order is customized with your group's name and logo. Each donor receives a valuable coupon pad with coupon discount offers from: Pizza Hut, Mrs. Field's cookies, BLIMPIE, JC Penney, Jiffy Lube just to name a few... as a 'thank you' to your donors.

Each booklet profits $80 each! With thirty participants you net profit $2400 (30x80).

Here's how it works
Every participant from your fund raising group / fundraiser takes a customized Scratch & Help fundraiser booklet with your logo imprinted on it.

Your fundraising members approach neighbors, family and friends having them scratch two or more spots to determine their donation. as a thank-you in return, the donor receives a sheet of 10 valuable discount coupons The group member continues to take the Scratch & Help booklet to other people to scratch until it is completely uncovered. All circles, once scratched off will raise $100 per booklet.

It's as simple as 1-2-3! See below :

Scratch&Help Fundraising

Profit Chart

   Number of Participants     
You will Raise 10% Bonus Cards Cost Your Profit
$ +$ -$ =$

Each fundraising scratch card booklet produces $100.00 in donations of which $80.00 is retained by your group. That's 80% profit!! With this month's promotion you can get a bonus of 10% extra free booklets, bringing your profit up to 90%.

Quick Reference Chart

(includes 10% bonus booklets)

# Members Total Net Profit   # Members Total Net Profit
10 $900   65 $5,800
15 $1,300   70 $6,300
20 $1,800   75 $6,700
25 $2,200   80 $7,200
30 $2,700   85 $7,600
35 $3,100   90 $8,100
40 $3,600   95 $8,500
45 $4,000   100 $9,000
50 $4,500   150 $13,500
55 $4,900   200 $18,000
60 $5,400   250 $22,500

Customized Scratch Cards

Your Scratch & Help fundraiser booklets are personalized! You can pick from the colors Purple, Blue, Green, Red and have each booklet personalized with your team or group name/logo FREE of charge! See some sample of customized booklets by clicking here, or the Scratch Card Graphics Examples link below.

How To Start This Fundraiser

  • Choose how many members will be involved in your fundraiser and call us at 800-347-7892 to place your Scratch & Help order.

  • Our suggestion is to run your Scratch Booklet fundraisier for two-three weeks. You need 1 Scratch Booklet per group participant. With 30 members, your group would need 20 Scratch Booklets.