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Coupon Sample

Our coupon sponsors are exclusive and are only to be found in the Scratch & Help program! The strength of your fundraising campaign is based on the confidence of your members, and good coupons will help give you that edge.

Below are the sponsors who offer coupons in our fundraising program. Your coupons will depend on the area and state you are from. If you request a free sample, your local coupons will be inside the sample booklet.

U.S Map Maine New Hamshire New Hamshire VermontVermont MassachusettsMassachusetts Rhode IslandRhode Island ConnecticutConnecticut New York New JerseyNew Jersey DelawareDelaware Illinios Washington MarylandMaryland Tenessee North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Florida Alabama Mississippi Louisiana Arkansas Oklahoma Texas New Mexico Arizona Southern California Northern California Pennsylvania Virginia West Virginia Ohio Michigan Indiana Kentucky Iowa Wisconsin Minnesota North Dakota South Dakota Nebraska Kansas Montana Wyoming Colorado Idaho Utah Missouri Oregon Nevada Alaska Hawaii